MARY, The Bookkeeper's Daughter

Mary Schulman is the daughter of a successful bookkeeper in Philadelphia. She has waited three years for Robert to propose and now she has been left at the church altar.  The gossip is circulating and her prospects in the community have evaporated. Can she make an escape from the mess her ex-fiancée has left her in and what is the next step for the twenty-five year?  Is there a chance for something better? Determined to leave her broken heart behind, Mary sets out to join her best friend at the Turner Bridal Agency.  The frontier is in need of good women, perhaps this is the path for her. Will she find her true match there?

Charles Baxter has had enough of his meddlesome mother pushing another would-be wife before him. Frances is not what he wants in a bride or as a mother for his seven-year old daughter. For that matter, neither is Ida Millhouse who has the face and disposition of a mule. This is a new age for the 1880’s and this Montana farmer knows he needs someone different. Without the skills or the time to properly court a woman, he turns to the Turner Bridal Agency for a mail-order bride. Can he attract the right woman for his daughter and find love for himself?