At the end of a long day, why not take some time out to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures? Get lost in the little town of Crystal Creek, Montana with its determined women and strong men. They don’t always have an easy time of it, but they manage to find their ‘Happily Ever After.’ Read some Wholesome Historical Western Romance and see how the characters take on real life issues with heart and humor.


Martha Lindsay lives in California with her two cats, two dogs, one horse, two daughters and a wonderful husband. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Santa Clara University. After a lifetime of riding horses, she has hung up her spurs to write about the old west with its wide-open spaces and the people who tamed it. Her husband claims her animals are spoiled, but Martha knows she is just a well-trained caretaker. Gone are the days, where Martha would ride a horse, a camel, or an elephant. Now, she enjoys having her animals around her as she writes.